The fact that South Africa is declared as the country that is most over-indebted in the world has a direct impact on work life and social development. We are the country with the largest increase of unsecured debt, with most expensive credit life insurance and service fees in the world. On average about 89% of monthly Nett salary earned by the middle-income group is paid towards servicing debt.

The increase of pay-day loans is of major concern, and on average one household have opted 7-8 times a year for such a loan which can vary to over 50% of Nett income. It leaves the consumer with no other alternative but to apply for another pay-day loan just to service the debt obligations. Another problem that is affecting over-indebted consumers are the large amounts of vehicle owners pawning their cars for cash, not understanding the implication of such a loan and the risk of losing that asset. This again shows the desperateness of the consumer to pay debt and put food on the table.



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Financial problems can happen to anyone – debt does not discriminate. Consumers from all walks of life face debt on various credit agreements. Debt review assessment IS THE BEST step you can take in time of crisis to ensure household cash flow to cover your month to month running expenses. We assess what you can afford to pay creditors. You are not alone – 800000+ consumers have entered the program to survive tough economic times. Debt review is so successful, over 124000 consumers national exited debt restructuring with a clearance certificate. Learn More…


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My husband and I applied for debt review in October 2014.  Very sceptical at first because of the negative side of it  but decided that is was the only way for us to be able to cope with our finances.
I made an appointment with Annienne, and I can honestly say that from the moment that I spoke to her on the phone she has been nothing but friendly and helpful. When we went to see her her calm demeanour immediately put us at ease, she made us feel positive about the decision we were about to make. She even gave me a hug as she could probably sense how tense and stressed i was. This just made me feel positive about her and i knew that she was the right person for the job.
Its been a year now and all I can say is that we have received excellent service from her. I have asked her numerous times to help me with a query from my debt collectors, she has ALWAYS responded immediately and sorted my problem giving the necessary feedback as well.
I will definetely recommend her to anyone who wants to apply for debt counselling. She is competent, friendly and extremely helpfull. She takes pride in what she does and does it well.
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Consumer Debt Support
Consumer Debt Support

This week Consumer Debt Support (CDS) and Debt Eezy celebrate Mandela Day with the rest of South Africa on 18 July 2019. Our dedication to make a difference, and touch those who does not have a voice. We thank all the ladies that gave us their time and skill to finish the baby blankets and the beanies. You have to read our blog to see who all made this drive possible. The love and caring for others is just amazing and by God's Grace only.

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Consumer Debt Support
Consumer Debt Support
Consumer Debt Support (CDS) thank sister Veronica at Panorama Mediclinic for her time and caring love. She helped with the baby blankets project for Mandela Day.
Consumer Debt Support
Consumer Debt Support

This blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) together with our business partners Debt Eezy share more about the impact finances has on the individual, family, marriage, and work space. The reality is most consumers suffer in silence. We hope this article will empower our readers to come and talk to us.

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Consumer Debt Support
Consumer Debt Support
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Consumer Debt Support
Consumer Debt Support
Consumer Debt Support (CDS) want to thank Vlytige vingers for their support in creating the finishes on these baby blankets for our Mandela Day drive.

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