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verbruikers hulp met skuld
  In hierdie week se webjoernaal wil ons by Consumer Debt Support (CDS) – in samewerking met Debt Eezy – ’n bietjie meer gesels oor werkende mense wat sukkel om hulle maandelikse rekeninge te betaal en hoe ons kan help. Ons land se ekonomie verkeer onder geweldige druk. Die koste van algemene huishoudelike benodighede en die onderhoud van families word al hoe duurder. Dit spoel dan oor na jou, die verbuiker, se sak. Die werkloosheidsyfer
Our passion is our drive “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb” Nelson Mandela. In this week’s blog, we at Consumer Debt Support and our business venture partners, Debt Eezy, want to share with all our readers, our personal touch we have with the community and the less fortunate. If you would go through the list of my blog posts from the present, back to the
Suffer in silence The silent Guilt In this week’s blog we at Consumer Debt Support and partners Debt Eezy, want to shed a light on stress. One of the biggest problems facing consumers with debt problems is the silent guilt not shared. It is very difficult when life’s circumstances change and the individual can no longer pay all the bills on time. Most of the time consumers cannot deal with the shock of depleted credit
Personal loans – beware of the Potholes! In this week’s blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) and our business venture partner Debt Eezy, have come to realize that overall, consumers lack the understanding of how a personal loan payment term and the interest rate thereof, are put together in a contractual payment plan. So we would like to share or educate you on how to plan ahead and mind the potholes on this road! Don’t let
Easter Fun for all It’s the week before Easter and in this blog, we at CDS (Consumer Debt Support) and our business Associates Debt Eezy, respect the beliefs of all religions and cultures. It is evident in my previous blogs that I am a true Christian believer and I live my life according to my best ability to the Will of God and His Word, as do all of us who believe in Jesus Christ