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Easy steps to lighten the load of Debt Repayment It was released today that more consumers are applying for Debt Review, According to IOL Business Report “financial stress and economic difficulties experienced by consumers during the year is evident.” It is also not limited to a specific age group although the 18-35 old age group is showing a slightly higher rate of distress.”  a higher rate of repossessions of both fixed and movable   property (repossessions of vehicles
Five Budgeting tips to help turn your pennies around Debt Review is the safest option you opt for when struggling to pay creditors and provide for your family. Debt Review is not all that bad and it is not a bottomless hole, there is still light at the end of the tunnel and you can still save money even when you have to pay back creditors when you are under Debt review. I know it
Healthy Debt Assessment, protect yourself It has come to light in a recent NCR workshop, that we are struggling with unregistered Debt Mediators and ADRA agents. “This is a type of unregulated debt counselling where the person offering the service is not registered with the NCR, the proposals to creditors are declined because it is not a registered debt counsellor these matters also never go to court to offer the consumer legal protection as per
Simple Steps to follow to build your financial security “Financial freedom is freedom from fear” Robert T. Koyosaki You know you are financially secure when you can sleep at night knowing you and your family is safe in every way. When you can be confident that you can pay the bills when they fall due with a little bit of extra money left over in your bank account to do all those fun stuff you

4 Misconceptions about Debt Counselling

Posted by Annienne Nel on  March 8, 2017

Category: Debt Counselling
4 Misconceptions about Debt Counseling Have you ever heard of someone you know who had Debt Counseling and immediately made a negative connection with it and thought that, that will never happen to you and now you are drowning in debt and you have no idea how to get out of it? Debt Counseling has always been seen as something bad, and added a bad tag to the people who have had to go for