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Back to Budget basics in your house. In this week’s blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) would like to highlight a sensitive but very important subject in every household in South Africa, the monthly budget. We found that the majority of our clients end up in financial trouble due to mismanagement of their income. The consequences of not living according to some sort of budget plan lead to shortcomings of much-needed provisions and piled up unpaid
Exclusive Insight to the cost involved of your Debt Review profile In this week’s blog, we at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) would like to share our annalistic costing structure with our readers, for a better understanding of how the costings in the Debt Counselling industry work. We find it daily that clients are uninformed what their debt counselling companies charge them. Every person thinking of going into debt review must know what they can expect
Consumer Debt Support (CDS) are daily faced with consumers calling in a state of panic with the news that their vehicle was unexpectedly, being repossessed by a private creditor or used car dealer. There are numerous companies that offer loans, immediate cash on your vehicle’s value with the easy pawn your assets deal. Some of them will even allow you to keep and drive your vehicle during the agreed and signed payback period! The sweet
In this week’s blog, the Founder of Consumer Debt Support (CDS), Annienne Nel will be sharing an in-depth look into Reckless lending with the readers, and how it should be dealt with, related to a credit application, and the legal aspects thereof. The Need In life, we need products and services which make life easier and faster. Parents need to care for the family and the education of their children. The high demands thereof, have
How Restructuring Debt save over-indebted consumers money. In this week’s blog, we here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS), would like to share with our readers on the topic so often misunderstood. Debt restructuring can help consumers that are over-indebted. There is a silent cry for help of over 9 million consumers that desperately need assistance with their debt, an unavoidable pain of cutting into the household budget, preventing them to provide for their loved ones.