Meet the team

Annienne Nel – Debt Management Specialist

Every person has a story to tell. My success is caring enough to build relationships of trust where it matters most. Helping ordinary people take control of their financial tomorrow and breaking the chains of debt slavery. It is vital that I personally over-see all applications, assessments and proposals to creditors. Quality control screening is enforced to ensure consumers applications are dealt with professionally, identity is protected and feedback is provided to clients to keep them informed during the process.

Quintin Zimmermann – Liddles Director

He started Liddle and Associates Inc in September 2009 as a consumer-centric legal practice, specialising in “YOU”.  Experienced in the National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act. legal practitioner who has assisted consumers and debt counsellors with the ever changing legal requirements to successfully finalise all applications and actions related to the National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act. He personally appeared and granted in excess of 600 debt review and reckless lending applications in the various Magistrates’ Courts since 2009. He has rights of appearance in the High Court and have personally attend to all drafting and appearances in the Western Cape High Court in extensive bank related litigation since 2012. Under these circumstances, he derived substantial legal and practical experience in dealing with over-indebted consumers and distressed businesses within the legal framework and resolving and settling matters with the banks and other credit providers.